BGB Podcast #109 – Harshing My Buzz

The truth can be harsh, but someone needs to tell it.

We’re gluttons for punishment this week, because we’re talking about harshness in board games. These are the sort of games where big moves or bad mistakes can be hard to recover from. Harsh games aren’t for everyone, so when and why do we find them appealing? Before we grit our teeth, we talk about Wavelength, Genoa, Krass Kariert, and Oceans.

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01:02 – Wavelength
05:39 – Genoa
07:30 – Krass Kariert
14:55 – Oceans
23:48 – Harshness in Games
24:24 – Biblios
24:48 – Arboretum
25:52 – Seasons
27:36 – The Estates
28:54 – Troyes
30:02 – Agricola
31:32 – A Feast For Odin
33:23 – Tigris and Euphrates
33:43 – Yellow and Yangtze
36:10 – Diplomacy
39:53 – Medici

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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