Board Game Barrage is like when you meet someone, and they’re really into a thing, and they just won’t shut up about it, and it’s a little bit annoying, but also you admire their passion and dedication to this thing that obviously means a lot to them, and it’s a little bit infectious, and suddenly you’re like, you know what, maybe you should go home and check out that thing because it sounds like a good time, and you like to have a good time.

It’s also a site about board games. Here are your hosts:

Kellen Allen Laker is the Red Tank. He’s a social gamer, who prefers mean and interactive games where you have to fight your opponents to win.

His favorite games include Innovation, Cosmic Encounter, and Cthulhu Wars.

Neilan Naicker is the Orange Tank. He loves Euro games with a strong puzzle element, but also negotiation and social deduction games.

His favo(u)rite games include The Resistance: Avalon, Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar, and Gloomhaven (no subtitle).

Mark Besada is the Green Tank. He’s an omnigamer, enjoying everything from light party and card games to ultra heavy economic and 18xx train games.

His favorite game is Biblios, the greatest game of all time. He also really likes Arboretum, A Question of Scruples, and 1830.