BGB Podcast #189 – Uwe Baby

We love Uwe Rosenberg around these parts, whether it’s because of our infatuation with polyominoes, the need to keep workers fed, or the strange mechanisms of animal breeding. Join us down the (cottage) garden path of his designography, and make sure to plant some vegetables along the way. Before we get agricultural, we talk about BoskSpies & Lies: A Stratego Story, and Glen More II: Chronicles.

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00:58 – Bosk
07:57 – Spies & Lies: A Stratego Story
12:37 – Love Letter
15:21 – Glen More II: Chronicles
24:52 – BGG 201-300 Fantasy Draft Winner
27:49 – Strategicon
29:01 – Uwe Rosenberg
29:56 – Bohnanza
33:58 – Agricola
37:19 – Le Havre
39:34 – At the Gates of Loyang
40:58 – A Feast for Odin
41:20 – Patchwork
46:45 – Caverna: The Cave Farmers
47:34 – Nova Luna
49:36 – Hallertau
53:59 – Mamma Mia!
54:28 – Nusfjord

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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