BGB Podcast #269 – Keep On Rollin’, Bob

BGBBOB’s back, and he’s rollin’ (rollin’) rollin’ on a river of amazing games, all of which feature some incredible dice play. As is our sacred duty, we won’t rest until we’ve arranged them in some sort of numerical order, a ranked list, if you will. Before we rattle the bones, we talk about The Lord of the Rings Adventure Book Game, The South: Terminus, Beyond Baker Street, and The Defence of Procyon III.

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04:59 – The Lord of the Rings Adventure Book Game
12:05 – The South: Terminus
13:52 – Beyond Baker Street
19:54 – The Defence of Procyon III
27:56 – 701-800 Draft Results
29:30 – BGBBOB: Best Dice Rolling
30:53 – Tumblin’ Dice
32:10 – Cthulhu Wars
34:49 – Space Base
35:17 – Cube Quest
39:00 – Dice Forge
39:51 – Lords of Vegas
41:38 – Dungeon Fighter
42:41 – Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy
44:17 – Formula D
45:24 – Las Vegas
47:28 – Martian Dice
49:01 – Can’t Stop
51:08 – FUSE
51:57 – Gang of Dice
54:03 – Quarriors!

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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