BGB Podcast #141 – Expectations Great and Small

Well, what did you expect?

We often build up the idea of what a game will be before we play it, whether for bad or good, and the reality of the game itself might deliver something we weren’t expecting. We take a look at what often leads to our expectations being shattered, and mention some of the games that most defied them. Before we expect the unexpected, we talk about SHŌBU, Pan Am, and Planet Unknown.

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02:35 – SHŌBU
08:55 – Pan Am
17:58 – Planet Unknown
25:46 – BGB Perpetual Math Trade
27:02 – Board Game Expectations
27:37 – Terra Mystica
28:14 – Brass: Birmingham
32:56 – Macao
36:02 – Railroad Rivals
36:26 – Ragusa
37:02 – Sanctum
38:33 – Unmatched
40:38 – The 7th Continent
47:07 – Stamps
47:41 – Square on Sale
48:33 – Glory to Rome

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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