BGB Podcast #134 – CHAOS!

Blood for the Blood God!

Some board games (and board game podcasts) thrive on chaos, which absolutely isn’t the same thing as randomness. All of this has happened for a reason, it’s just … hard to tell what those reasons are exactly. Before we blame the butterfly, we talk about Path of Light and Shadow, Jixia Academy, and Chaos in the Old World.

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00:47 – Chaos in board games
03:44 – Innovation
05:54 – Guards of Atlantis
07:21 – 6 nimmt!
11:06 – Path of Light and Shadow
21:30 – Chaotic board games
21:42 – Broom Service
23:05 – Wiz-War
26:33 – Space Alert
28:49 – Jixia Academy/Hanamikoji
34:34 – Chaos closing thoughts
35:05 – Cosmic Encounter
35:52 – Mission: Red Planet
37:12 – Colt Express
38:02 – Libertalia
40:26 – Scythe
41:59 – Chaos in the Old World
43:50 – Cthulhu Wars

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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