BGB Podcast #62 – A Melange of Games to Play Again

I must not fear my shelf of shame. Fear is the mind-killer.

It’s all well and good playing the newest, hottest games, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to go back to some of the old goodies. We’re counting down our top five games we want to revisit, to enjoy once more as we did in our youth. Relatively speaking. Before we get all wistful, we also talk about Eye My Favourite Things, On Tour, and Dune.

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01:12 – Eye My Favourite Things
06:18 – On Tour
12:28 – Dune
18:40 – Cosmic Encounter
24:44 – Rex: Final Days of an Empire
26:10 – Root
31:55 – Games We Want to Play More
33:00 – Libertalia
34:19 – Ricochet Robots
37:01 – XCOM: The Board Game
39:09 – Ascending Empires
40:16 – Automobiles
42:22 – Kitchen Rush
43:52 – Two Rooms and a Boom
46:17 – Tribune: Primus Inter Pares
48:00 – Seasons
49:53 – Yokohama
50:56 – SpaceCorp
52:50 – The Voyages of Marco Polo
54:19 – Root
55:34 – Container
56:36 – Lords of Hellas

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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