BGB Podcast #149 – Have You No Shame?

Nice shelf you have there …

Boy, what a year it’s been for accumulating games that we can’t play. The shelf of shame, the collection of games we own that are yet to see a single play, has been steadily growing, and it’s about time we pruned it. We check in on the games most deserving of that first play. Before we take a walk of shame, we talk about Sonora, Troyes Dice, Macao, Quantum, and Rurik: Dawn of Kiev.

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01:49 – Sonora
04:17 – Troyes Dice
07:14 – Macao
08:22 – The Castles of Burgundy
09:41 – Quantum
16:30 – Rurik: Dawn of Kiev
30:55 – Shelf of Shame update
40:12 – Star Wars: Rebellion
40:59 – Maracaibo
42:04 – Stock hold’em
45:25 – Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia
47:10 – Antike II

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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