BGB Podcast #129 – Fight for Your Right to Party

Party all the time!

BGBBOB, party edition! For those not keeping up, that’s BGB Best of Board Games, which is definitely not the final name (but also maybe is) for our recurring feature where we rank match games to create an incontestable ordered list. This week we confer, fight, and bargain our way to the best fifteen party games. Before we spike the punch, we also talk about Twice As Clever, Wavelength, and 6 nimmt!

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01:38 – Twice As Clever
05:17 – Wavelength
05:58 – 6 nimmt!
10:43 – BGBBOB: Party Games
12:28 – True Colors
13:17 – Anomia
16:27 – The Resistance
17:13 – Scruples
20:52 – Balderdash
22:10 – Krazy Wordz
24:38 – Happy Salmon
25:53 – Telestrations
28:17 – Pictomania
28:52 – Codenames
30:33 – Time’s Up!
32:30 – Wavelength
35:06 – SiXeS
36:03 – Panic on Wall Street!
38:48 – Detective Club
1:00:48 – The Final List

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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