BGB Podcast #92 – Chasing the MacGuffin

More than meets the eye.

We’re joined by the Blue Tank for a quick look back at SHUX, before we dive into a discussion on games that are better than their mechanics suggest. These are games that we might describe as not very good, but somehow still give us incredible experiences that we find distinct and unique. But that makes them good, right? Before we lose all credibility, we talk about Kingdomino Duel, Panic on Wall Street!, and Blood on the Clocktower.

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02:22 – SHUX
06:27 – Kingdomino Duel
11:29 – Panic on Wall Street!
18:52 – Blood on the Clocktower
23:48 – The Resistance: Avalon
36:57 – Experiences that transcend mechanics
38:02 – Fuji Flush
38:58 – Happy Salmon
39:40 – True Colors
39:40 – A Question of Scruples
40:32 – Zombicide: Black Plague
41:26 – Hundreds of Horses
49:30 – Loopin’ Louie

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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