BGB Podcast #23 – Are You Feeling Lucky?

Alea iacta est. Or, as the poet Robert Van Winkle translated from the original Latin, dice dice baby.

Luck is an element of almost every board game there is, but it’s still a major point of contention. Whether it’s the roll of dice, or the draw of a card, randomness can make or break a game. Before we leave it up to fate, we also talk about Lowlands, Bilder, In the Year of the Dragon, and revisit Space Base.

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00:54 – Lowlands
07:32 – Bilder
11:03 – In the Year of the Dragon
16:14 – Space Base
20:12 – Luck in Games
23:40 – Cthulhu Wars
26:47 – Catan
27:21 – Gloomhaven
28:30 – Above and Below
31:24 – Guards of Atlantis
36:06 – Lords of Vegas
42:42 – Rising Sun
43:33 – Diamant
45:10 – Clank!
45:37 – XCOM: The Board Game
46:12 – Biblios
46:55 – Liar’s Dice

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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