BGB Podcast #123 – Filler Up

Fill in the blanks.

Sometimes you have a little gap of time between larger, heavier games, and what you need is a palate cleanser, which brings us to the realm of games we lovingly call “fillers”. We kick off the very first Ranked Duel Battle of the Boards (definitely not the final title) by ranking our favourite filler games! Before we pass the time, we talk about Aerion, Ingenious, The One Hundred Torii, and Taluva.

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04:49 – Aerion
09:54 – Ingenious
10:56 – The One Hundred Torii
14:07 – Taluva
22:02 – Call for voicemail!
22:50 – Ranking our favourite fillers
30:08 – Coloretto
30:24 – Istanbul
31:11 – Shards of Infinity
31:45 – Arboretum
32:14 – Biblios
32:14 – No Thanks!
33:14 – Splendor
33:24 – For Sale
35:08 – Startups
35:30 – Blue Lagoon
37:33 – Zany Penguins
37:45 – The Game
39:09 – 6 nimmt!
39:38 – Twice As Clever
40:49 – Karuba

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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