BGB Podcast #32 – Are We Having Fun Yet?

Gaming etiquette: The other sort of table manners.

In this week’s fun episode, we talk gaming etiquette, or the unspoken rules that surface when you’re playing a board game. They often have nothing to do with the game itself, but what’s appropriate? Should you deliberately help and hinder others at the table? Before we let the Wookiee win, we also discuss Let’s Make a Bus Route, Sailing Toward Osiris, Fleet, and Founders of Gloomhaven.

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01:45 – Let’s Make a Bus Route
06:06 – Sailing Toward Osiris
10:10 – Fleet
15:30 – Founders of Gloomhaven
33:57 – Gaming Etiquette
39:25 – Puerto Rico
40:17 – The Resistance
41:02 – Root
42:04 – Archipelago
54:40 – Scythe

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Earl Marrero says:

    Hey guys, I love the show but Kalen could not be more wrong about Founder Of Gloomhaven, at least as far as card management. He said that the Concordia hand management was more elegant than Founders of Gloomhaven because in Founders you keep buying cards? You buy cards pretty much every round of Concordia! Maybe I just dont understand his argument?

    Oh, I also think Fleet is a way underrated game but I can understand his argument there though I think the art is way better than Innovation.

    Sorry if that sounded like complaining. I think your show is great I just had to call Kalen on the Concordia comment!!!

    • Orange Tank Orange Tank says:

      Look, Earl, one thing you get to learn really quickly around here is that Kalen’s arguments don’t ever make sense.

      Thanks for the comment! The argument for/against Innovation’s art is raging on in our offline discussion, we may have to devote a podcast episode to it at this point.

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