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BGB Podcast #307 – Gotta Guess More Golden Geeks

And by guess, I of course mean predict. Okay, you all know whether we’re right or not by now, but cast your imagination back to a time where we had only the nominees for the 2023 Golden Geeks, and had to use nothing but our wits to determine the winners. How naïve/prescient we were! Before we divine the future, we talk about Ironwood, Kutná Hora: The City of Silver, and Slay the Spire: The Board Game.

BGB Podcast #301 – Our Most Anticipated Games of 2024

We’re in the thick of 2024 now, but there’s still plenty more to come – and with that vast undiscovered country (as my father called it) ahead of us, we have loads of games to look forward to. But not all hype is made equally, so here are the ones we’re most excited about. Before we mark our calendars, we talk about Savage Bowl: Trick Taking Game, Rear Window, and Cuba.