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BGB Podcast #311 – Of Lovers and Travel

We’ve all been travelling about so much recently (some of us may or may not still be) that we often find ourselves asking, “what games should I pack?” Some games are better suited for playing on the go than others, and we’re going to get to the heart of what makes a good travel game. Before our arms get tired, we also talk about Regicide, Golem, In the Shadow of Atlas, and DroPolter.

BGB Podcast #310 – Bob’s Decade Delights

Bob’s back from his trip to 2014, and oh the wonders he’s seen – games that not only were amazing back then, but somehow we’re still talking about today! The counterpoint to our draft of games to last a decade, we’re arguing about the games from ten years ago that are still relevant – BGBBOB style. Before we yearn for our youth, we talk about Cyberion, The Plum Island Horror, and Marabunta.