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BGB Podcast #157 – Top 50 Games of All-Time 2020: 20-11

We’re moving into the terrible teens of the Board Game Barrage Top 50 Games of All Time. I learned all I know about American teenagers from TV, so I assume this is where all the sex and drugs come in. Let’s get to it then, forty (roughly) more games that we simply adore. As the list goes on, they only get better and better. That is, after all, the premise.

BGB Podcast #21 – The Beautiful Game

IT’S COMING HOME! UP ENGLAND, RAH RAH RAH! Ahem. Sorry. World Cup fever sweeps the podcast, as we consider the analogies between board gaming and sport. Are players required to be competitive? How important is sportsmanship? What’s the time and place for aggressive play? Did Mark really wear his soccer kit to record this...