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BGB Podcast #233: A Decade of Missed Games: 2010-2019

Well, we can’t play everything, and that was probably more true ten years ago than it is now. So we thought we’d look back at the decade past, and highlight some games that we feel like we missed out on. Before we prolong our backlogs, we talk about Loot of Lima, Yosemite, and Planted: A Game of Nature & Nurture.

BGB Podcast #26 – Gen Con 2018 Day Two

In which a goldfish is found, and subsequently lost. We’re halfway through Gen Con, and we wrap up day two of the show with our thoughts from the floors and tables and beds (?!) of Indianapolis. We talk about Crusader Kings, Scarabya, Petrichor, Zogan, Flotsam Fight, Welcome To…, and Dice Fishing: Roll and Catch!...