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BGB Podcast #71 – A Hate-Love Relationship

There’s nothing sweeter than the softening of a heart, that precious feeling when all the the things you thought you’d hate, suddenly become endearing. We’re counting down our favourite games that we thought we were going to hate, but ended up loving. Before we go full tsundere, we talk about Indian Summer, Richard the Lionheart, and X nimmt!

BGB Podcast #49 – Top 50 Games of All-Time 2018: 20-11

Everything is going to be fine in the end. If it’s not, it’s just steps twenty to eleven. The end is nigh! If you squint just right you can see it from here. We’re almost done counting down our favourite fifty games of all time, so join us in the penultimate part of our...

BGB Podcast #21 – The Beautiful Game

IT’S COMING HOME! UP ENGLAND, RAH RAH RAH! Ahem. Sorry. World Cup fever sweeps the podcast, as we consider the analogies between board gaming and sport. Are players required to be competitive? How important is sportsmanship? What’s the time and place for aggressive play? Did Mark really wear his soccer kit to record this...