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BGB Podcast #89 – Classified Information

Inspired by BoardGameGeek’s new system for classifying board game mechanisms, we give our thoughts on the changes, as well as talk about classification in general. Somehow it always leads to heated discussions, whether it’s arguing what a Civilization game even is, or why we need classification at all. I’m sure we’ll all agree in the end. Before we taxi into taxonomy, we talk about Piepmatz, Era: Medieval Age, and Cursed Court.

BGB Podcast #13 – We’re Still Right

When you’re right, you’re right, and when you’re right as often as we are, why not let the world know? This week, we return to BoardGameGeek’s top list, but we’re flipping it on its head. Literally. Its actual head. That’s right, we’re talking about much loved games that we don’t much love. You’d think...

BGB Podcast #10 – Everyone is Wrong and We are Right

Double digits, yo. First, a bit of housekeeping; you might have noticed that it is not Wednesday. We’re trying a new schedule that will get the episodes out at a consistent time going forward, rather than, “It’s still Wednesday somewhere, right?” So what that means for you is that wherever you are, Thursday morning...