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BGB Podcast #85 – Episode Too: Attack of the Adjectives

Kellen’s back, which some might say is too many hosts – apt, because we’re an episode of extremes today. We’re talking about games that are too simple, too complex, too short, or too long, that might otherwise have been among our favourites. Before we venture outside the Goldilocks zone, we talk about Q.E., Cartographers, and City of the Big Shoulders.

BGB Podcast #12 – More Isn’t Always Better

It just wasn’t the same without Kalen, eh? Better, some might say. This week, we explain and expound our experiences with expansions. Improvements, tweaks, variability: the benefits are clear, so that’s it, discussion over, right? You’d think so … but then you wouldn’t be us. Step aside, kid, let us do your thinking for...