Warriors of Jogu Preview


Warriors of Jogu is a new 2-player dueling card game now live on Kickstarter (Check it out here).

Each side will play one of five different factions,  sending your troops to the battlefield. Similar to games like Battle Line, Piñata, and Omen, you never quite know which battleground to focus on. What makes Warriors of Jogu so unique is that each player will know one of two battleground locations that are going to trigger for the end round fight, meaning bluffing is a huge component of the game—and one that makes for deliciously tense gameplay.



“Why is my opponent spending so much time bolstering in the five battlefield?” It may be that your opponent knows five is going to trigger, or it may be that they are trying to get you to commit more forces to a battlefield that is meaningless.


It means that you can make up for a bad draw using your wits and deception. It’s also important not to simply try to win every round. Some rounds will be close to out of reach based on the information you know and the cards you have—meaning you have to know when to pass early on so you don’t rack up negative points during a lost round.

Perhaps the best part of the whole experience is how unique the five factions are. You have the straightforward yellow power faction, as well as the sneaky blue faction where your units can be played facedown and revealed later. You have a green faction that is focused heavily on small units and drawing more cards from their deck. Each faction has unique counter play with the other factions.


Warriors of Jogu brings bluffing and unique faction decks into a dueling card game to make a surprisingly easy-to-learn system that’s simply fun to explore.

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