BGB Podcast #159 – Picking Favorites

Please don’t make me choose.

We’ve been doing it a lot lately, so we thought we’d reflect on the ways that we evaluate our favourite games. How do you even begin to compare extremely dissimilar games, some party, some strategy? The process of making and ordering our lists is a fun challenge every year, and one we’d recommend you try too! Before we make hard choices, we talk about Medici: The Dice Game, The Gallerist, and Iberian Gauge.

We’d love to hear what your top 20 favourite games are! Submit them over here. Also, we just launched our store, where you can buy some sweet Board Game Barrage T-shirts. It’s one way to support the show, while also being incredibly fashionable.

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02:20 – Medici: The Dice Game
09:08 – The Gallerist
14:55 – Iberian Gauge
22:26 – How We Choose Favourites
26:02 – Tigris & Euphrates
28:04 – Power Grid
28:04 – Fresh Fish
32:53 – Telestrations
34:52 – Crokinole
36:28 – The Resistance
37:58 – Nanty Narking
39:22 – The King’s Dilemma
40:04 – Beyond the Sun
41:33 – Eclipse
42:18 – CoraQuest
43:52 – CloudAge
44:21 – Board Game Barrage T-Shirts!
45:22 – Listener Top 20 Submissions!

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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