BGB Podcast #136 – H-h-h-hot Hot Hot

Drink plenty of water. Just some good advice.

Hot days call for hot questions! To counter the California heat wave, we get breezy with a round of hot questions. We take a long hard look at games we love, but don’t play, and give our takes on the theme to end all themes. Before we get heated, we talk about Ctrl, New York Zoo, and Renature.

Thanks to Guanye for sending us the Jixia Academy pronunciation clip.

Check out our live plays of New York Zoo and Renature for Camp Capstone!

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01:40 – Ctrl
07:06 – New York Zoo
15:24 – Renature
18:23 – Blue Lagoon
26:11 – OLWLG Math Trade
28:01 – Hot Questions!
28:17 – Can you have a favourite game you don’t play anymore?
30:14 – The Resistance
32:36 – Cosmic Encounter
37:19 – What’s the theme to end all themes?
39:52 – Sabotage

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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