BGB Podcast #117 – All Decked Out

Every day I’m shufflin’.

It’s time for another “What we love, what we hate”, and this time we’re looking at deck builders! Its been twelve years since Dominion blew things up, and since then you don’t have to look very far to see a game that uses the mechanic. We look at the highs and lows of deck building as a mechanic, and discuss some of our favourite games that use it. We also talk about Bruxelles 1897, Elysium, and Can’t Stop.

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01:07 – Golden Geek Award Nominations
03:46 – Bruxelles 1897
11:31 – Elysium
18:16 – Coffee Roaster
18:55 – Adventure Games: The Dungeon
19:23 – Hansa Teutonica 
25:22 – Can’t Stop
31:00 – What I Love, What I Hate about Deck Building
33:07 – Star Realms
34:32 – Clank!
35:05 – Dominion
35:50 – Sorcerer City
38:36 – Vikings Gone Wild
41:41 – Great Western Trail
42:20 – A Study in Emerald (Second Edition)
47:04 – The Quest for El Dorado
47:29 – Aeon’s End
48:54 – Automobiles
49:58 – The North
50:15 – SPQF/Fort
51:33 – Friday

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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