BGB Podcast #84 – Best With Two

Three’s a crowd.

Kellen graces us with his absence, which means it’s time for Mark and Neilan to start talking numbers. Specifically, player numbers. We’re talking about optimal player counts for games, whether games ever mean what they recommend on the box, and how well they scale. Before we count to ten, we talk about Vindication, Royal Palace, Throw Throw Burrito, and Pipeline.

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05:40 – Vindication
12:05 – Royal Palace
17:28 – Throw Throw Burrito
21:37 – Pipeline
29:48 – Optimal Player Counts
31:51 – Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne
32:50 – Caverna: The Cave Farmers
33:13 – Alien Frontiers
34:19 – Dead of Winter
37:13 – Throw Throw Burrito
38:20 – The Resistance
39:17 – Inis
39:45 – Rising Sun
40:09 – Maria
43:48 – Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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