BGB Podcast #59 – Ain’t Nothing Like It

I am inimitable, I am an original.

Some games offer an experience so unique, so unlike anything else, that you can’t help but take notice. It might be a bold thematic setting, or a set of mechanics that you’ve never seen before. This week, we’re counting down our favourite games that do something … a little bit different. Before we stand out from the crowd, we also talk about Looting London, and Chimera.

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01:05 – Looting London
04:17 – Chimera
09:45 – Unique Thematic Experiences
12:12 – Food Chain Magnate
16:11 – Space Cadets: Dice Duel
18:38 – Long Shot
21:23 – Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard
23:16 – Dead of Winter
26:42 – Pit
28:38 – Millennium Blades
33:11 – Alchemists
36:33 – Chaosmos
40:07 – Ponzi Scheme
42:24 – Space Hulk
45:39 – Adrenaline
47:37 – Diplomacy
51:06 – Sol: Last Days of a Star
53:22 – Captain Sonar

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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