BGB Podcast #58 – Game Board Confessional

I am right, I swear I’m right. I swear I knew it all along.

Time to ‘fess up. We’re admitting to all the transgressions we’ve made in the world of board gaming. We’re not proud of it, but there are a lot of games we haven’t played that we should have. There are Kickstarters we’ve overspent on, and some we regret backing. And what would a good confessional be without owning up to our guilty pleasures? Before we ask forgiveness, we also talk about Excape, Race for the Galaxy, and Biblios Dice.

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01:30 – Excape
07:57 – Race for the Galaxy
13:49 – Biblios Dice
20:02 – Board Game Confessions
21:50 – Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
23:44 – Eclipse
25:31 – Terraforming Mars
29:08 – The 7th Continent
29:42 – Statecraft
30:30 – Tiny Epic Quest
31:42 – Glorantha: The Gods War
32:21 – Rising Sun
34:17 – Zombicide
34:42 – Betrayal at House on the Hill
34:55 – True Colors
35:45 – Hundreds of Horses
39:43 – Through the Ages
40:09 – Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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