BGB Podcast #30 – Party Party Party

It’s my party, and I’ll dictate the rules so that everyone is having the optimal amount of fun if I want to.

We’re staying up all night to count down our favourite party games! You know the feeling. Everyone’s at your place, no one’s talking, it’s a little bit awkward … but then you break out some of these fifteen amazing party games, and suddenly everyone’s back in, talking, laughing and shouting until the early hours. Before we put on our party hats, we talk about JamSumo, Isle of Trains, and Root.

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02:24 – JamSumo
04:05 – Isle of Trains
06:17 – Root
17:43 – Party Game Countdown
19:10 – Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
22:59 – One Night Ultimate Werewolf
25:08 – Cockroach Poker
27:20 – Krazy Wordz
29:26 – Pit
32:02 – Fuji Flush
33:32 – Pictomania
36:04 – Anomia
39:20 – Balderdash
41:41 – Codenames
43:03 – A Question of Scruples
44:56 – Time’s Up: Title Recall
47:43 – The Resistance
51:22 – True Colors
53:32 – Telestrations

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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