BGB Podcast #15 – Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Welcome to week two of what I’m affectionately calling, “three weeks of podcasts in which we each talk about our favourite board game mechanics”.

This week it’s Mark’s pick, hand management. Few things are better than seeing a world of possibilities laid out before you, and finding the perfect way to navigate them for maximum positive outcome. Chocolate is one, but there are only a few. Before we reorder the contents of our hand, we talk about Ascending Empires, Funky Chicken, Felicity: The Cat in the Sack, and New Corp Order.

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01:47 – Ascending Empires
05:41 – Funky Chicken
07:14 – Felicity: The Cat in the Sack
08:25 – New Corp Order
11:34 – Hand Management
12:57 – Terraforming Mars
13:44 – Dominion
14:44 – Candyland
15:25 – Scrabble
19:33 – Gloomhaven
20:40 – Biblios
22:00 – Taj Mahal
23:17 – Biblios Again
25:17 – Red 7
26:15 – Arboretum
27:09 – Twilight Struggle
28:32 – Cuba Libre
30:47 – Glory to Rome
31:59 – Wiz-War
33:24 – Cosmic Encounter
34:35 – Bohnanza
36:19 – Hanabi
36:57 – Mage Knight

Thank you to Heart Society for generously letting us use What’s On Your Mind, Kid? from their album Wake the Queens.

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